Our Services

Ignite Coaching & Consulting Services

When you work with Ignite, we can provide a full range of services to support you in your effort to engage your employees.

  • Ignite Coaching & Consulting services are customized career development programs that can help your employees, managers and executive leaders develop insight and skill sets to improve their performance and become more connected with their work. 
  • We can take your teams to new levels with intensive facilitated team building programs designed to create new behaviors and generate cultural shifts that will transform your workplace to one of focused, engaged employees working together toward common goals.
  • Ignite’s Certified Professional Coaches will work one-on-one with individuals, helping them tap into their highest potential to achieve their personal and professional goals. 
  • If you need another hand on deck to assist with specific functions of management, we offer consulting services in Human Resources.
  • We can teach you how to harness your emotional intelligence to enhance relationships, improve professional success, and build resistance to stress.
  • When you are facing a career transition, whether by choice or circumstance, ignite’s certified coaches can help you navigate the change with confidence.

Team Building

We believe that team building is a process, not an event. We will work to build a strong foundation for your team dynamic and create lasting change for your organization.

Outplacement Career Transition

Whether you are facing job loss yourself, or are tasked with down-sizing in your organization, Ignite’s Outplacement Career Transition services can help.

Emotional Intelligence

We have many options available to help individuals develop their Emotional Intelligence skills through group training or one-on-one coaching services.

Career Development

We offer individual and group programming to help your best and brightest gain personal insight and develop leadership skills that will create tangible benefits for your organization now and in the future.

HR Consulting Services

If you are looking for expertise and advice for practical solutions to your operational challenges, we offer consulting services for Human Resources and Strategic Planning.

Professional Coaching

Using an individualized approach, we partner with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their professional and personal potential.